Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update your wardrobe on a budget!

Every so often we find ourselves looking at our closet and feeling bored. The same tops, the same bottoms, the same heels and the same accessories. From time to time it becomes necessary to spruce up your wardrobe and add a little life to it. It’s typically thought that in order to bring life into your wardrobe you have to spend a lot of money and splurge. The trick is to make small adjustments to your own collection of clothes and accessories and when you do have to purchase something, do it intelligently. So, how can you bring some life back into your wardrobe?

1. Start by identifying whether you have some important key pieces that all wardrobes should have. Pieces like a little black dress, a cardigan, black dress pants, a pair of skinny jeans, a blazer, dressy flats and comfy heels are a good foundation to have in your collection. By knowing what you have, you will know what you have to work with.

2. Research! Read fashion blogs, magazines and browse your favourite stores’ online catalogue. Once you have identified the trends you like and what you think will work with your figure, they will be easier to spot when you go shopping. Some of my personal favorite magazines are People Style Watch and LouLou.

3. Shop vintage! Hit up your local thrift/vintage store to find timeless pieces that will always work with your wardrobe. Blouses, blazers, dress pants and skirts are easy finds at these stores. I’ve found a few amazing blazers from the 80’s that work well with today’s styles. Be creative and open your imagination! I’ve also found a few vintage clutches and bags that blend great with the current trends. Vintage pieces add a timeless flair to any wardrobe.

4. Stock up on basics. I usually go to Old Navy to get my basic plain t-shirts, jeans and blouses. If you have a wide assortment of basics to start with, you can easily mix them up with different wardrobe pieces. Basics tend to be less expensive especially if you stock up during a sale.

5. Accessorize! Accessories are a fantastic way to change up any pieces in your wardrobe. Mix up trendy necklaces, chunky bracelets and cocktail rings to add flair to any outfit. Adding a belt to your outfit also changes it up and makes it look like something completely different. Try going to vintage stores to find unique pieces at an inexpensive price.

Updating your wardrobe takes creativity and patience. It is best that you take advantage of end-of-season clearance sales as some pieces can transfer to the next season. Also, try visiting outlet stores to get trendy pieces at good price. The key is to know your wardrobe and know what you are looking for. Otherwise, you may have the tendency to spend money on something you don’t really need or want.

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  1. accessories and layering are a girls best friend :)

    love your blog danielle!